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**Includes excerpts from National Reader's Choice Winner TIDES OF PASSION and the prequel TIDES OF LOVE!**

Come along for a story of holiday seduction that Romantic Times calls, “a searing passion…a sexy tale filled with great verbal repartee!”

The first rule when dealing with scoundrels? Never wager more than you are willing to lose.

Especially in matters of the heart.

“A bad boy…and a lively, independent woman. An excellent sequel!”
—All Romance Bookstore Reviews

“This story packs a lot of heat.”
—Reviewer Jill Nicholson

“Sassy dialogue! A charming story.”

Dear Reader:

When I finished TO SEDUCE A ROGUE, I really had this great feeling about Adam Chase’s best friend, Tanner Barkley. A bit cynical, secretive, sexy, in other words, the perfect hero! And who better to pair him with than the daughter of Charlie’s somber chaperone in ROGUE? No daughter of such a severe woman could suffer fools easily.

And we all know how foolish a man in love can act.

Then my editor invited me to participate in a Christmas anthology and TO DESIRE A SCOUNDREL was born.

Katherine Peters is made for Tanner, and for the first time, I wrote about a hero who realizes this simple fact before the heroine! (If you recall, in ROGUE, Adam is clueless until nearly the end. Even Tanner tries to tell him the error of his ways. How sad is that?)

I hope you enjoy this holiday novella as much as I enjoyed writing it.

For lengthy excerpts, please visit my website at: I love hearing from readers!

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He left all he loved behind...

Will he be able to return and win her heart?

An earth-shattering secret revealed in his recently deceased mother's diary causes harsh words between Noah Garrett and his brother. Desolate and totally bewildered, Noah leaves Pilot Isle and has no contact with his family or even Elle Beaumont, the girl who has been his shadow all through childhood. Now, ten years later, Noah is a renowned biologist and returns to Pilot Isle to head up a research lab. Coming back home opens up old wounds and uncovers buried feelings. Hoping to have a few days to cope with all the old emotions welling up within him, Noah really isn't ready to face anyone yet. However, it's just his luck that the first person he literally bumps into is Elle. The only difference is, Elle is no longer a thin red headed mischievous imp who is constantly in trouble and always needing to be rescued. This Elle is a gorgeous, passionate young woman who sets Noah's blood on fire.

Marielle Claire Beaumont has loved Noah since she was a child. As a sad little girl who'd recently lost her mother and couldn't speak English, Elle met Noah when he saved her from taunts at school. Ever since then Elle has loved Noah unconditionally and followed him around like a little puppy. Her world was shattered when he left so suddenly. His silence all these years has been very difficult, and Elle is stunned when she slams into him so unexpectedly. It's not long before she's disrupting Noah's life again as sparks of passion fly in every direction between the two.

From Tracy Sumner


Readers familiar with the Outer Banks may recognize Pilot Isle as Beaufort, North Carolina. Indeed, I loosely based my setting there, thanks in large part to information provided by the kind ladies at the Beaufort Historical Society.
I incorporated artistic license in these areas, mostly calendar changes, which I hope the reader will forgive. In 1902, the second Federal fisheries laboratory in the United States was completed in Beaufort--still there to this day. Woods Hole, the first, was established in 1871, actually placing its construction before Noah's birth. But I know he would have wanted to take part, so he did. The scholarship Elle received I based on the ones given by the American Association of University Women, founded in 1882. They bestowed their first loan, much as I described it, in 1901, three years later than Elle received it.
The lifesaving program is a marvelous part of the Outer Banks history and well worth further research. Also, the University of South Carolina, in 1898 called South Carolina College, did admit female students. As an alumna, I wanted Elle to be one, too!

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Tides Of Passion

Book Description
TIDES OF PASSION was originally published by Zebra Books, a Kensington Publishing imprint, and was awarded the Reader's Choice Best Historical and the Beacon for Best Historical.

Two Adults and One Magnificent Challenge...

"Oh, heavens, Constable, is that a call for marriage in your world? I've never been kissed well enough to get me in front of a preacher." Covering her mouth with her hand, she gasped, "Must be some—what would you call it—mighty fine kissing to make people take vows."

"Well," he said, feeling a frown bunch his brow, "it could be good. That's not out of the realm of possibility."

"Prove it," she said around another burst of laughter. "Prove it, prove it, prove it."

He rubbed a hand across his chin, debating the wisdom of having any more wine. Had he actually thought he was in control of this situation? "I don't know. This all seems crazy to me. And it was my idea."

She gulped a breath and patted her chest. "My, from the fantastic entertainment I've witnessed in this town, I'm sure it does." Taking a step forward, she held out her hand, as if she were trying hard not to startle him. It was downright insulting. "Rightly, Constable, you asked me first. And I'm willing to go the distance to solve a disagreement."

"I bet you're always willing," Zach muttered, wondering if he'd lost his mind sitting in his backyard on a lovely twilight evening. Gambling with a woman who wouldn't back down if a tiger had her latched in its jaws.

"Are you willing?"

Through the shadows, he found her gleaming eyes, her slightly curved mouth. "No, it's too reckless. Too irresponsible."

"You're sounding like a father. Or a constable, Constable."

"I'm both, Miss Connor."

He watched her lips tilt and flow into a glorious smile. "Rory's in bed, safe and sound. Most of the town is in bed, safe and sound. And you're here, with a pragmatic woman who can take care of herself. Two adults and one magnificent challenge."

"More like a dare," he said and drained his glass.

She took a step closer, until her skirt brushed his knee. "Call it a dare if you like."

"No." His resolve slipped a notch when she crouched before him, the pleasing angles of her face flooding into view. She was much, much too tempting.

"I'll do it all. You don't have to participate. That should be enough to prove my case."

"I wasn't serious when I said that. I'm sure you're not, hell, frigid."

She leaned in, her hands sliding along the arms of the chair, her face fading out of view as it closed in on his. A scent, provocative and earthy, stole in with his stuttered breath. "You see, Constable, I'm always serious. And..."

He watched her moisten her lips, so near he could almost taste her.

"Close your eyes. I've heard that's the way it's done."

“A fresh voice in romantic fiction!”
—Affaire de Coeur

“Terrific dialogue…and hot loves scenes. If you haven’t read
Tracy Sumner before, Tides of Passion is a good place to start.”
—All About Romance

“This novel realizes with a great and witty gusto that independence
isn’t so much about being on your own as it is about choosing to be together.”
—Romantic Times


Reader's Choice Award: Best Long Historical
Beacon Award: Best Historical

"A fresh voice in romantic fiction!"
--Affaire de Coeur

"Terrific dialogue...and hot loves scenes. If you haven't read
Tracy Sumner before, Tides of Passion is a good place to start."
--All About Romance

"Delicious and amusing...witty dialogue,
sparkling humor and a snappy narrative. A must read!"

"This novel realizes with a great and witty gusto that independence
isn't so much about being on your own as it is about choosing to be together."
--Romantic Times
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